About Us

Avon Grove Charter School is a public, college-preparatory charter school for grades K-12. Opened in 2002, it is located in the small town of West Grove, in Chester County, Pennsylvania. AGCS is independent of the district and is governed by its own Board of Directors, who are held directly accountable for the goals outlined in its charter.

AGCS offers an academically challenging curriculum in a small school setting with individualized learning plans for each student. Ours is a nurturing environment, where every child is well known and cared for by our staff.

2019-2020 Avon Grove Charter School Theme

Each year, AGCS selects an unique theme for the year. This year is all about Diversity - "I AM". Watch this remarkable video about how each of us in the AGCS Community is unique, with things that make us special!


Charter Renewed

In April of 2017, the Avon Grove School District Board of Directors held a public meeting and renewed our Charter for the next five years. Kristen Bishop, our Head of School and C.E.O., presented information about our school and our expansion plans. Please download the

2017 Charter Renewal Presentation to see what she discussed and to learn more about AGCS!

Charter Schools and Funding

If you'd like to learn more about Charter Schools and how they're funded, please watch our YouTube Charter School Funding video. There's a lot of great information in it, so we hope you'll take a few minutes to check it out!

The presentation highlights:

  • What is a Charter School?
  • Why are there Charter Schools?
  • Facts vs. Fiction
  • How Charter Schools are funded

You can download the following documents for further information:
Charter School Act 22 of 1997
Public Charter Schools - Fact vs Fiction
Charter School Funding PDE-363 Form
Charter School Funding Law 24 PS 17-1725-A