Micro Farm Welcomes Alpacas

AGCS Welcomes Two Alpacas to the Micro Farm
Posted on 11/10/2019

Alpacas Join The AGCS Micro Farm

Move over Blue Bunny, there are new animals on campus! Meet Ron and Wastell, the AGCS Alpacas.


Alpaca Facts

  • Ron and Wastell are both 18 month old male alpacas
  • Alpacas are fiber animals like sheep.
  • Once shorn, their fleece is processed and spun into yarn. The fleece is hypoallergenic since alpacas do not produce lanolin like sheep.
  • Alpacas will protect other herd animals from predators. No need to worry about dogs, coyotes, and/or foxes attacking the sheep and goats with the alpacas in the back pasture.
  • Alpacas communicate with each other by humming.
  • Life expectancy is between 15-20 years.
  • Weight ranges between 110-190 pounds
  • Gestation period is 11 1/2 months

Learn about what's going on down on the farm by visiting the AGCS Micro Farm Happenings webpage!