AGCS Student Achievements at National Bees

AGCS Student Achievements at National Bees
Posted on 06/12/2019
Nine AGCS Middle School students made the journey to Chicago last weekend as National Qualifiers for National History Bee, National Science Bee, National Humanities Bee, International Geography Olympiad, and International Geography Bee. Mrs. Sycalik is very proud of how well these students represented themselves, their families and AGCS!

Eighth-grade team: Patrick I., Paul L., Kate E., and Lily C.
Seventh grade team: Farren M., Lily H., Tennyson N., Ada E., and Cassidy W.

Patrick was AGCS's top scorer for History (for a second year in a row), Cassidy for Humanities, Lily H. for Science, and Kate E. for Geography.

Farren and Tennyson rounded out second and third top scorers for AGCS in both History and Science. With so many seventh-grade team members, it will be exciting to see where this team goes next year!