A focused internship is a more intense form of career exploration allowing students to devote more time and learning in a specific career cluster field/occupation.  Students electing to participate in the school-based internship program must meet specific criteria prior to approval. 

To participate in this program, students will have to have at least 17.5 credits and be considered a senior. Student’s that have been suspended in or out of school after January 1st of the previous school year will not be eligible.

The internship program will be facilitated via Schoology with reflection activities being documented within Naviance.  Students will be expected to complete a professionalism course while engaged in their internship and keep an online journal documenting their learning experiences. The online journal will be expected to be updated monthly throughout the internship experience. An oral presentation with visual product is also expected to be completed at the conclusion of the internship.  

Students must complete a 60-hour internship in order to fully meet this pathway requirement.  Students meeting all of the requirements along with a passing grade will receive 1.0 electives credits counting towards their graduation requirements.

AGCS does its best to pair senior students interested in participating in an internship with a work-site placement.  Students will be asked to complete an interest form in May of their Junior year to assist AGCS with finding a partner that aligns to a student's specific career or college interest.  There are no guarantees that students will obtain an internship placement. Students interested in this possibility should have a “back-up plan” in the event that they are not able to find a work placement in their field of interest and still need to meet the work-based learning experience requirement of this portfolio.